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Hello friends!

I see that it's been some time since I put together an update, so I thought I would take the time to do so now, since I have so much happening.

By Yule the last of the litters I have planned will hopefully be born, and I will then be halting all pairings for about 2 months. I need a break.

Last year myself and my family decided to take in a little girl who needed a home temporarily. This December she will have been with us for a year! During this time I have also been balancing the care of my 2 very geriatric dogs, who are nearing the end of their time with me. While the stress of both the baby and the dogs has been great, I am also thankful I've had the opportunity to have all of them in my life.

Because of these circumstances, I have had an extremely hard time keeping up with correspondence of all of my previous adopters, as well as that of new applicants.

One of the most important factors in placement of my rats is continuing to provide support to all of my extended 'rat families'. I like to keep updated of any issues, and offer help whenever possible. This has become challenging, to say the least.

In the last month, the rattery has had 26 new applicants. This does not include the general inquiries that people make, the emails sent, nor the messages I receive on this website.

It has become too much for one person to handle, and although I have tried to adjust the flow of interest, as well as the adoption protocol, I cannot keep up.

I recently closed the application so I can catch up on those waiting. I am, once again, reviewing how to streamline the adoption process. I want every approved applicant to be able to bring home ratties. I do not want anyone waiting a week for a response. I would ideally like to have a process that leaves everyone satisfied.

During my breeding and adoption break, I hope to figure out a satisfactory means to achieve all of this.

Now let me touch on what is going on that's fun in the rattery!

I have decided to merge my black eyed marten line with my marble line. I have 2 litters on the ground and they are beauties! None will be available to the public as this is an outcross.

I have made great progress on my harvel and harrex lines! Silvermane was added and I still have lots of work to do, but they are a little less homely haha

My chinchilla whiteside line is still not a thing. I am expecting one litter from a sibling pairing of whiteside carriers. Dad is a chin, mom is mink. She is due to give birth today, and is HUGE!

My dwarfie lines are absolutely wonderful. The girls are producing nicely sized litters, and the boys are having fewer prolapse issues post breeding.

I recently lost my last dalmation doe due to a bedding change. After working on the line for 4 years, I learned never to rely on one rat to sustain a line. A new dalmation buck from the same line was brought in by my great cobreeder Rachel!

My Russian blue Burmese harleys have taken a vow of celibacy. They have been paired for 3 months, to no avail. I will be rotating Marshmallow, the girls dad, back in to see if he can 'get the job done'.

The Tonkinese line that I am hoping for dwarfs from is on hiatus until spring. They are also not breeding and I will try different pairings once they mature.

Lastly: I am in fb jail for a month!

I cannot comment, post or change anything on the rattery page. All updates will be on the website, but I can still be reached directly on messenger through the fb page. (Do not call people bad names when they disparage breeders)

Happy holidays!

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