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Well I never thought I would write a blog, but after much urging, I decided to have a go at it. The big challenge will be keeping up with updates!

It seems there is ALWAYS exciting litters I like to share with my followers, but unfortunately there is only so much time in a day.

Currently I have several litters on the ground that I'm proud to announce:

RIFF Maybeline had FOURTEEN true patchwork kittens over the weekend! I am BEYOND EXCITED to share that she is lactating beautifully and has not accidentally smothered any. This is a huuuuge positive for my dwarf patchie line, considering her sister Covergirl had 12 and smothered half of them before I removed the others to a foster. I am still impatiently awaiting their momma to have her final litter.

RIFF Marshmallow (aka Mellow) is a father! He and his sister (ew, I know, but it's actually a good thing, and more on that in the future) gave me 8 pretty and VERY sweet Russian blue Burmese harleys, and Russian blue point siamese harleys, some of which are also silvermane. As I have worked this line longer, I have had eye issues crop up in litters. I have narrowed the problem down to coming from my foundation doe's side, and will continue to work toward breeding it out. It is always a disappointment to see babies develop and then display a problem. Fingers crossed that more selection will move this line in the right direction as I'm unwilling to end it currently.

There is a VERY lovely litter of chocolate beans on the ground! I must get pictures of them to share, even though they aren't spectacular to most. In this litter I have some Harleys, rexes, and the dreaded Harley rex! This project line is fairly new to me, since I recently decided to attempt to breed for Harley rexes that aren't awful to look at. Daddy is pictured below, and is a Russian blue harley silvermane rex. Coat density is the biggest goal with this line!

There was an unexpected death in the rattery several months ago. A sweet American blue doe from my most treasured (and plain) line passed away while pregnant. She showed no signs of distress and was simply dead in the cage. Because of this, I worried that this line had a bleeding disorder going on in it. I test bred a whopping 4 girls to prove my theory.... and found out I was wrong. All 4 girls had perfect litters and have had no problems thus far! Soon I will be offering quite a few American blue boys to my adopters :)

Dwarf is s-l-o-w-l-y being incorporated into my lines. I will still be offering standards, but really love the pint sized pets I've been producing. I have FINALLY gotten a trio of pearl merle dwarf ratties that I will be breeding this summer. (Thank you Gidget, Rory and Summer!) I also have some chocolates, harley silvermanes, and rex dwarf. These little guys take quite some time to moult out, so I hope to get pictures of them once they aren't so homely.

I WANT EVERYTHING CHINCHILLA! Not much is known about chinchilla so I have been doing LOTS of test breeding. I \hope\ to produce chinchilla whiteside rexes at some point, but am not sure it's possible! Another potential goal is chinchilla harley, however that will be something I think about at the end of 2020. Below is a squirrel merle chinchilla dumbo buck!

I think that's enough rattery babbling for the time being! Keep checking back for more updates, plans and goals as I blog about the haps at RiffRaff Rex!❤🐭❤

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