Policy And Health info

RiffRaff Rex has a 14 day health guarantee and a lifetime temperament guarantee.

Every rat adopted has a place here, regardless of the reason they come back.

Adopted rats must be quarantined for a minimum of 4 weeks,or the health temperament is void. (Proper QT includes keeping rats in separate rooms, thoroughly washing hands between handling Riff rats and existing mischief, and changing clothing.)

Any behavior an adopter deems unsafe or improper will constitute the rat being returned to RiffRaff. The rat will not be released outside or rehomed. RIffRaff reserves the right to not replace returned rat based on varying factors. If a Riff rat bites, please notify the rattery ASAP so we can assess whether or not the rat needs to be returned.

If A RIFF rat is returned because of allergies or life circumstances, the adoption fee will not be refunded.

I look forward to updates on any rats that leave the rattery, and i try to be available as much as possible for my adopters. Please feel free to message me with any questions or concerns you may have.

**All adopters will be required to electronically sign the adoption contract before the adoption time, after their application has been approved.**

Please feel free to check out the adoption contract linked above, as well as the 'FAQ' sheet.  Both contain a lot of helpful information.

Health disclaimer


In early 2017 midwest ratteries were affected by a virus brought in from a rattery in North Carolina.

Almost every rattery in the tri state area was tested for 'Seoul Virus', including RiffRaff.

We came back clean!

The CDC determined that adoptions could resume, but recommended the rattery stay closed.

While i have made every attempt to maintain the 'seoul free' status of the rattery, this virus, along with others, is highly contagious.

Wild rats carry many viruses, and there is simply no way to promise contamination has never, or will never occur.

Because of this, individuals with compromised immune systems should take extra consideration before adopting rats.

It is worth noting that Seoul virus is considered endemic in the UK.


For more information, please check out this link: