Application and Pricing

Please fill out the application below if you are interested in adopting a rat.

At the time of placement, adopter will receive a hammock, birth certificate for each rat, a small bag of food and treats, and a sample of the litter i use to begin training the rittens.

  • Adopter must be 18, or have parent/guardian present at time of adoption.

  • A photo of the cage must be provided.

  • Rats will ONLY be adopted out singly if you already ONLY own RIFF rats. 

  • Rittens will not be placed under 8 weeks old; dwarfs not under 12 weeks.

  • Families with children under 5 must be discussed.

  • There is a 50% non refundable fee to reserve each rat. once the reserved rat is available, adopter has 2 weeks to secure an adoption time. Rat will be placed back for adoption if not placed after 2 weeks, and reservation fee forfeited.

  • RiffRaff is a closed rattery. This means adopters are not allowed to visit the rattery, or interact with the rats prior to adopting. I have decided to maintain this level of bio security so as to not risk my mischief encountering a virus unnecessarily. 

  • All rats are sold as pet quality. please message me if interested in purchasing breeding stock.


*Effective immediately: Adoptions will be first come, first serve, after application is approved. Photos will be posted and reservations opened immediately. No deposit required for 48 hour holds, however following that, a 50% deposit is required to hold until pickup. Waitlist is available for specific varieties.  


 I reserve the right to refuse adoption at any point, for any reason.

  Rats are available at 8 weeks old, and have been neutered.  Rattos are adopted in same sex pairs/trios only, and at this time I place females with previous adopters only. 


 varieties/combinations: $60 each

Harley Silvermane and/or Dwarf: $70 each

 True Patchwork: $100 each

Harley Silvermane dwarf: $100