RiffRaff Rex Rattery

A Milwaukee based rattery offering neutered male rats in many varieties

Hello fellow rat lovers! i have been breeding rats since 2016 under the RiffRaff Rex name, but have been a breeder for close to 20 years now.

I currently have many varieties in the rattery, and have begun combining them to create a rat with unique features, while still having a sound temperament. Click on the RiffRaff Rex rats page to see some of the varieties in the rattery!


at this time I have chosen to offer only neutered males as pets to my adopters.  Very occasionally i will offer females to previous adopters that I trust.For more information on the neutering process, and to learn more about the rattery in general, please check out the FAQ link.

please feel free to take a tour of the rattery by checking out available babies, see my breeding rats, and read some more on the rattery in the links provided.


Contact And Payment Info

Accepted methods of payment include Venmo, cash, and fb money transfer. 

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